The rhinoseptoplasty is the most common procedure performed in facial cosmetic surgery. Frequently a pretty nose used to be the objective, but the concepts and perceptions have changed; now we not only want to look pretty, but also want to breathe in a normal way. This is when we consider FUNCTIONAL RHINOSEPTOPLASTY, because with this procedure we achieve an adequate breathing with an individualized pleasant aesthetic result, keeping the proportions for each face.

 Noses and faces are different  in all of us, and we don’t want to have a nose that is a copy of another one, that is why in Medysis I perform an exhaustive individualized study,  so each nose looks natural according to the face. This is achieved by taking pictures, an aesthetic analysis of the individual projections,  x-rays or tomography of the paranasal  sinuses, nasal endoscopic video to identify the septal deviations (nasal wall) and the alterations inside the nose.

The nose is formed by its own bones and  cartilages, which are articulated between each other to give shape to the exterior, and inside, these structures form spaces and valves which allow the entrance of air through the nose cavities so it can be filtered, also so it can receive warmth and moisture, reaching the lungs in optimal conditions.



During the surgery each of these structures is sculptured; reducing or repositioning the bone, removing the deformed cartilage that doesn’t have normal measurements. In other cases cartilage or bone grafts are placed, to achieve an adequate balance between beauty and function: The tip of the nose, septum and the nasal dorsum.



Which is the ideal age to undergo surgery or a Rhinoseptoplasty ?

Starting, approximately, when the patient is 16 years old. A septoplasty (surgery of the nasal wall) should be performed at the age when a patient starts to have nasal respiratory insufficiency.

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