Test and Lab of Othorhinolaringology


Rigid and Flexible Endoscopic video It’s a simple exam performed under topic local anesthesia, it isn’t painful, and it’s very important for the investigation of all the interior of the nasal  cavities (septal deviation, bone spurs   which cause headaches, rhino-sinusitis, bleedings, etc.)


Video Otoscopy  It is performed by introducing a camera in the ear canal to be able to see  a detail  of the ear drum  and its interior by transparency, very informative for parents.


Larynx video endoscopy and Stroboscopy   Latest generation equipment, acquired in February 2006. Very important for investigating vocal cord disorders, as polyps, nodules or small tumors, which are not evident to the naked eye. With it we are able to see the movement of the vocal cords in slow, medium or fast motion, and detect a developing cancer, which starts with changes in these movements.


Nasal and ear microscopy


Voice lab with Stroboscopy


Respiratory Therapy


Complete  hearing  study with electronic equipments


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