Dr. Jorge Valdano
  Doctor in Medicine and Surgery,  degree granted by the State University of Guayaquil
  Othorhinolaringology specialty, degree granted by the Autonomous University of Barcelona – Spain in 1991
  Recognition of specialty degree in Othorhinolaringology, granted by the State University of Guayaquil.
  Othorhinolaringology specialty degree, granted by the School of Medics of Guayaquil
  Member of the Ecuadorian Society of Othorhinolaringology
  Member of the Ecuadorian Federation of Othorhinolaringology
  Member of IAPO ( Latin-American Associations of Pediatric Othorhinolaringology)
  Medical Specialist Speaker for GlaxoSmithKline Laboratories
Updating Courses, Congresses and Conferences
  Attendance to more than 80 courses and congresses in different countries.
  Conferences delivered through all Ecuador
  Permanent collaborator as lecturer of update courses and congresses at Alcivar Hospital
Several Update Courses
  Microsurgery and Pathology of the ear
  Functional Nose Surgery and Rhinoplasty  courses taken in Europe, USA, Colombia
  Open Rhinoplasty and  Nasal Reconstructive, Chile
  Endoscopic Surgery for Sinusitis, USA and Colombia
  Surgery for Snoring, Colombia


Consultorio Norte: Medysis, Víctor Emilio Estrada 1311 y Costanera Teléfonos: 2382938 - 2383464 - 2383471 - 2386207

Emergencias: 0999078437 - 0994351574


Guayaquil - Ecuador