Surgical Procedures for Children and Adults


Functional Septoplasty Surgery
Aesthetics – Rhinoplasty  (only for adults)
Facial Trauma (Surgical team formed by Otorhinolaryngologist and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon)
Otoplasty  (ear surgery)
Nasal Endoscopic Surgery (polyps or nose tumors, paranasal sinuses  rhinosinusitis, strange bodies)
Oral surgery for oroantral fistula (Sinusitis as a complication of molar extraction)
Surgery for those who snore, with Radio frequency equipment of latest generation. 
Ear Microsurgery (Ottitis media, adhesive ottitis, tumors, cholestoma, strange bodies, deafness)   
Larynx, vocal cords  Microsurgery  (polyps, nodules, edemas)  
Tonsil and  adenoids surgery




Application of Botox  (Botulinum Toxin)
Filling of creases and expression lines with Restylene (Hialuronic Acid)



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